Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 10








New arc. This arc is about Alis’ request to Ai: to destroy his world. Alis used to be a student in class 3-4, that’s 14 years ago. In this world where wishes become reality in the most twisted way, class 3-4 wishes that they would stay together forever. As a result, a closed space was created and class 3-4 is repeating the same one year over and over again. In this “sub-world” they can’t die. Anything extreme beyond repair will be reset. When Alix tried to end the “fake world” by killing all his classmates, their body simply disappeared after he shot them. And suddenly all of them reappears normally, happy and peaceful.

It doesn’t sound bad. Repeating school year over and over again. But Alis realized that world is a fake, the result of wish being granted. So he tried to escape, and finally found a way to escape, back to the “real” world. The gate between the two worlds is a door with black portal. In order to “shake” the fake world, he brought in various people into the closed space, hoping that would end the fake world created by class 3-4. It does not. Instead of ending the fake world, all the newcomers are adapted as part of the sub-world. The fake world that originally only has members of class 3-4 as its inhabitants, now has more than 30,000 people. Alis brought most of them from outside. Now all of them “live peacefully” in the “paradise” created by class 3-4.

Ai agrees to help Alis to “solve” his world. Alis bring the group to the black portal, and they all come in together, entering Alis’ “paradise” world. Only living people can enter the portal. People who are not originally part of class 3-4 can only enter, but can’t go out unless the world is “solved”.

Dee (the ghost) is also a member of class 3-4. Ai, Yuri and Scar meet Dee in the closed space world. Here, Dee has a normal body. So, for the first time, Dee can actually touch Ai. When Alis found the portal for the first time, he escaped from the fake world with his body. Dee followed Alis and can escape too, but she becomes a ghost in the “outside” world.

Now Ai goes to shool with the rest of class 3-4. While Alis is trying to destroy the fake world, Dee is trying to convince Ai that this “paradise” world is a much better place to live. Dee wants Ai to stay there forever. In the last minute of this episode, we get a short scene of Dee falling from a high place. Is that the reason why she become ghost outside the fake world? Because she was actually dead? Is this really the wish of class 3-4? Or is this Dee’s wish? Or is this actually Alis’ own wish (without he realizes it himself) to prevent Dee from dying?


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