To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 22













After some nice shots of Mugino in swimsuit, we get back to Mikoto’s effort to get some information from Therestina. As expected, Therestina would not give the information so easily. Only after Mikoto agrees to eat a candy (which could be poisoned), Therestina tells her something: Febri’s name as a product is chemicaloid. And whoever created her must want to show their existence to the world at an important event.

Ok, first, how can Therestina have candies in a place that’s supposed to be high security prison? Second, I don’t think Therestina’s is anything new. Knowing the “product name” doesn’t really help in saving Febri. And without Therestina’s information, the fact that Kongou saw a suspicious person at the science festival should give them enough clue without Mikoto having to meet Therestina.

In Academic City, successful espers get all the attention and publicity. Mikoto, as a level 5 is like a celebrity, everyone knows (or at least have heard) about her. But other students who are exceptionally genius (in science), but failed to become high level esper, the attention given to their talent is small. So I guess, our villains this arc produces chemicaloids so strong with ability to defeat a level 5 esper to prove the world their brain “ability” is not something below esper’s ability.

Thanks to Uiharu’s computer skill, with Kongou’s help to recognize a photo as the suspicious person she saw, Mikoto can now track down a lab where Febri might be coming from. When Mikoto arrives there, Mugino and her team has eliminated all the guard robots around. They are trying to take revenge on whoever tricked them with fake mission last time.

After Mugino’s team left the lab, Mikoto detects electricity from inside and found Shinobu there. So, Shinobu is really part of the team, but she betrays them by letting Febri escaped. Now she gives the recipe of Febri’s lollipop (antidote) to Mikoto. Happy ending? Nope. Turns out, Aritomi Haruki, the leader of our villain group suspected Shinobu for being a traitor and changed the antidote recipe stored in the lab’s computer. So what Mikoto has is a fake recipe.

Then comes the part I don’t like. Haruki gives Shinobu a paralyze injection and tell her to inject Mikoto, or he will destroy the original recipe of Febri’s lollipop. The stupid-and-naive Mikoto agrees to receive the injection, gets paralyzed, and Haruki destroys the recipe anyway.

I mean, for goodness’ sake, Mikoto ! Everyone knows that bad guys NEVER keep their end of a deal. You know the recipe is going to be destroyed anyway, why voluntarily allow yourself to get paralyzed so easily? Not even a fight? C’mon ! I know you’re trying to save a friend, Mikoto, but can’t you do it without being extremely naive?


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