Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 05




Meet Ulla, princess of Orkut.




This week we get two new characters. The first one is another half-body named Diva. She’s a royal doctor, with main task to deal with undead issues, like losing body parts, rotting and the problem of they become gradually self-center. Wait… this is the problem mentioned by Ai’s father a while ago. When a dead person becomes totally self-centered, even a super kind person will become wild and dangerous. But they have solved that problem in Ortus?

Scar’s sickness has something to do the the mysterious voices she kept on hearing. I’d be interested to know how it relates to Ai’s new friend: Ulla, the princess of Ortus. Ulla doesn’t speak normally. She uses writing to communicate, or scribbling on Kiriko’s palm and have him speak on her behalf. That writing communication reminds me of Eucliwood Hellscythe (Kore wa Zombie desu ka).

Now, the twists. Kiriko is a new individual born from five living persons’ body parts. And those five becomes undead, with each of them only have half body, and they can change the half-half pairing as they like. Kiriko is theoretically a “new born” individual, but over 13 years after his “creation”, he only aged few years, thus he considered himself “dead”. This probably explains why Scar didn’t have the urge to bury Kiriko back then in the car. Kiriko’s status of “dead or alive” is still a mystery.

Even more interesting twist: according to Ai, Ulla is alive. So the princess of a dead nation is a living person?
Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if the source of that sound in Scar’s head is actually from Ulla.

Now the dilemma. More than 100 living persons want to live in Orkut. And to be eligible to do so, they must die. So Orkut conducts a ceremony of “accepting them”, which literally translates as killing them. Is that a wrong thing to do? How is that different from taking an oath when a person is granted another country’s citizenship? Killing them is wrong? But in the world where the dead can still move and do activities normally, they will keep on “living” even after they are killed, right? So we can somehow look at it as “just a ceremony”. Orkut’s people live happily (at least that’s how they look like so far). They have solved the problem of preserving the dead bodies and becoming self-centered. So…

Arrghhhh ! This anime really twisted my concept of life, death and even the concept of undead.


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