Spice and Wolf Light Novel 01

Spice and Wolf Light Novel 01

spice-and-wolf-light-novel-cover-01Spice and Wolf is an excellent story written by Isuna Hasekura. The original title of this work is Ookami to Koushinryou, originally written in Japanese. The PDF version of this great work is widely available in many sites. But after searching for hours, I couldn’t find any with EPUB format.

I prefer EPUB format for my e-books because it’s more comfortable to read in smartphones, e-readers and tablets. EPUB is widely supported by various brands. You can open EPUB books in Nook reader, Kobo reader, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet. It will automatically adjust to whatever screen size you have. Plus giving us the ability to change the font size, to get the best reading experience.

So I decided to do my own version of Spice and Wolf in EPUB format. The process of converting PDF to EPUB is not as simple as clicking a button. Yes there are all-purpose converters like Calibre. The PDF that I got is actually image files attached together as PDF. When Calibre “converts” the PDF to EPUB, it does not detect the text inside the pages’ image files and treated it like a comic book. The conversion result is not something nice to read in any mobile reader. So, there is only once option left: to do manual converting, hours of work just for one book. But the result is good and worth it.

Lastly, in 2016 I decided to make MOBI format available for Kindle users.

Fair warning : please respect the writer’s work. If you like this light novel and it is available to purchase legally in your country, please buy a legal copy of the book.

EPUB link : MF | TI
MOBI link : MF | TI
(revision 6, last update 8 Mar 2016)

Since I was doing manual conversion, I need to check the words and sentences manually. So please let me know if I missed something. Thank you.



6 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf Light Novel 01

  1. first epub link not working, and second one can’t be used on my mobile for some reason, keeps saying “Download Failed”

  2. Thanks for your work. I hope my English skills will be enough to read it successfuly (I have never read so bunch of text in English before, only mangas) so it will be a fun and practice in the same time. 🙂

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