Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 06








So Ulla turns out to have a special ability. Everyone who she sees, touch or talk to dies immediately. She’s the Idol of Murder. And thus living people who wish to become a citizen of Ortus must see her first, means they must die first, then reawaken as “living” dead. That’s the reason why she was wearing eye cover, protect her entire body, and did not talk when she met Ai last week.

Witnessing the mast murder, Ai almost die herself when she makes noise and Ulla glances at her. Thanks to Yuri who saves her just in time.

Based on her past experience living in a village and raised by dead people, Ai believes that Ulla didn’t know about what she actually did to those people. Perhaps people around her made up a story and reverse the story about the dead and the living. So she can grow up believing that everyone near her is alive and those newcomers coming to see her are the dead.

Kiriko’s sudden appearance confirms Ai’s guess. Ulla didn’t know about her ability. And somehow Ai manages to convince Kiriko to allow her to meet Ulla once again, to tell her the truth.

What happens next, is a heartwarming scene. Ulla already suspects her own ability, but Ai’s explanation did make things clear to her. Surprisingly, she’s ok with being used by City of Ortus to “perform the welcome” ceremony of newcomers, even it means she kills them all. Because Ulla saw those people’s relieved and happy expression after they are reawaken as dead. In the era when the dead can still walk and “live” everyday activities… what is killing? Is the action of killing other person hold the same meaning as when killing actually make a person stop moving? Even Ai can’t answer that, thus she doesn’t judge Ulla as a bad person. She simply wants to tell Ulla the truth.

So Ulla is indeed a living person. The only living person allowed to stay in Ortus, and positioned as their princess. Because Ortus need her, for the sake of “accepting” living people from outside.

Near the end of this episode, we get to see another miracle, plus an explanation how Ulla can get her killing ability. Ulla’s mother made a very strong wish when she gave birth to her twin babies. The “wish” is actually a curse for all humans to die. As this is an era when God grants humans’ wishes in the strangest ways, that curse became reality in Ulla’s ability. The baby Ulla accepted that wish and can kill people just by looking, touching or speaking. But her twin sister somehow refused that “wish”. She froze time and remained a baby for many years, and no one can touch the baby since. Until Scar, a Gravekeeper, comes and suddenly the baby allow herself to be touched by Scar. And the baby’s frozen time finally resumes. The baby was waiting for someone to take her for years. She was waiting for Scar. Scar decides to raise the baby as her daughter. And Ulla allows it for the sake of her twin sister.

Last week I made a guess that the voice Scar was hearing is Ulla’s voice. Apparently I was wrong. It was the voice of Ulla’s twin sister.

The group leaves Ortus city with the baby, and our Ortus arc resolves.


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