Fate ⁄ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 05








Dark Saber is this week’s opponent. Illya and Miyu can’t do much against this overpowered opponent, thus forcing the two sticks (Ruby and Sapphire) to accept Rin and Luvia as their “temporary” master. Or, in their term: “guest user”. And that’s how we get to see Rin and Luvia’s magical girls’ forms once again. I always love to see Rin with nekomimi (cat ears) !

As you would expect, Rin and Luvia fight again, as soon as they transform. Rin uses Ruby as a sword, by creating a blade on top of it. Luvia flies above and prepare a very powerful spell with magical circles while Rin is buying time fighting Saber. Despite their usual mouthful fights, I must say these two actually have a good teamwork.

Will this “ultimate” weapon work? Can it defeat Saber?
I will try my best not to write spoiler, as I have watched episode 6 from low resolution source. All I can promise you is… we will get a big surprise from Illya next week !


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