Kira-kira Kaoru vol 2 chapter 4A


Finally, a new volume !
Sorry for the slight delay, I can’t use all of my free time doing this scanlation only. I still like to watch anime, read my manga collection and other stuff. Daytime I need to work, and night time I don’t have that much time for family, for fun and for scanlation. So, bear with my speed. This is the best I can do.

Download link : Kira-kira Kaoru volume 2 chapter 4a


5 thoughts on “Kira-kira Kaoru vol 2 chapter 4A

  1. It’s been a while since my last visit on your website. I’m happy to see lots of updated anime and manga (last time there was only anime section). Anyway I love to read this manga. Hope that you won’t give up on updating this manga~ Gambate..


  2. Thanks for the project, I’ve enjoyed reading it so far. Just to let you know, I don’t think your “Random Thoughts” are being ignored, after all I read them!

  3. Thanks for working on this project. Just finished the 1st volume, and this manga is fast becoming one of my favourites. Keep up with the good work.

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