Kyoukai no Kanata 03




I… need… moe money~








We get a little bit of Mirai’s background this time. Even her bloodline is considered as cursed, she used to be adopted by Inami clan and became very good friends with Inami Yui, the youngest daughter of Inami clan. One day Yui was possessed by very powerful youmu (dreamshade) called Hollow Shadow and Mirai killed Yui out of fear. After that incident, Mirai is living with constant regret of her action and consider herself as a murderer.

The rest of the story is basically about another Hollow Shadow arriving at their city. All spirit hunters are ordered to stay at home, waiting for the Hollow Shadow to pass. But Mirai is planning to challenge the Hollow Shadow. Just when she was about to face the Hollow Shadow, Mirai is attacked by Inami Sakura, Yui’s sister.

It was quite surprising that “a very powerful enemy” already appears in episode 3. I guess this story has more to offer than what I initially imagined. We have some funny moments here. Mirai’s expression when Akihito brings her money from selling youmu crystal is priceless. At first she refused it because Mitsuki was the one who killed the youmu. But when Mirai sees the crystal is worth 10,000 yen (approx USD 100), her verbal rejection does not match her action accepting the money lol.

Next we have Hiroomi slipping his hands to Akihito’s armpits, again. What’s with this guy’s obsession on Akihito’s armpits?

And we get to know that Akihito’s fetish is girls with megane (glasses). Hiroomi’s fetish is… his own younger sister: Mitsuki. So we have megane-freak and siscon here. Nothing new in anime world, lol.


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