Log Horizon 15











Minori, Tohya, Isuzu, Rudy (Rundel Haus) and Serara finally change their strategy. Thanks to Minori’s initiative, they finally learn about other party members’ skills and create a plan to coordinate a good team work. Naturally, the new strategy gets them to finally clear the training dungeon.

Shiroe is thinking about something after his encounter with last week’s mage. While the possibility of losing memory is indeed scary, I think this episode can do more than just showing him in doubt.

As for Crusty and Princess Lenessia, not much going on this week other than we get to see our princess in blushing pose.

When I saw Isuzu is having a good heart-to-heart moment with Rudy, I thought I sense yet another couple. Apparently Isuzu still see Rudy as a dog instead of a boy, at least for now. Isuzu tries to add Rudy into her friend list but somehow it fails. So there’s a mystery with Rudy’s identity that we don’t know yet.

Another episode with slow story progress. I’m glad to see something big finally happens near end of this episode: a LOT of fish monsters suddenly appeared from the sea and attacking Adventurers. Would love to see how Shiroe react to this phenomenon next week.


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