Log Horizon 2 02

Log Horizon 2 02










To avoid suspicion from the South, Shiroe can not involve Round Table members in his secret raid. Therefore he choose to asks help from Silver Sword guild. This guild was once invited to join Round Table, but declined because they are more interested in battles. After the fall of Demikas in season 1, Silver Sword guild moved to Susukino and took control of the city.

The negotiation is rather easy, or no negotiation at all because William (leader of Silver Sword) quickly agrees to help Shiroe. The problem is, Silver Sword guild doesn’t have enough members to do a very difficult raid. To make things worse, Demikas sees Shiroe and tries to have his revenge.

Meanwhile, Naotsugu is walking around Susukino city to find backup candidates to join the raid. And he meets Tetra, she’s a high level player with pink hair and flirty character. I find her voice is rather annoying, but she’s funny, so it’s all good. With the addition of Tetra and Demikas, the raid team now has enough people.

On other character development, it seems that Naotsugu and Marie are already a couple. Glad that we finally see Princess Lenessia again this season, and her first scene is with Akatsuki ! I hope she will play important role again this season.

Speaking about Akatsuki, I feel bad for her now. She’s one of the first main characters, yet not enough love is given to her character. She never joined a raid, and she can’t even afford new weapon sold in a store. Shiroe, you should take her to your raid. She deserves more than this!


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