Fate ⁄ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei 04

Fate ⁄ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei 04







Chloe negotiates with Luvia, asking that she can attend school as normal girl. In her argument, she can’t harm Illya now, and she won’t harm other people if she gets her wish to attend school granted. Luvia agrees. And her money takes care of the paperwork.

First, how did Chloe can suddenly enter the room where Luvia, Illya and Miyu are having discussion? Does she have the capability to appear anywhere near Illya?

Second, it seems that we are now being forced to take a closer attention to Miyu’s past. Apparently, Miyu’s paperwork to transfer to Illya’s school was also handled by Luvia in a similar manner. Does this mean that Miyu is not a normal human even before she met Luvia? Is she a being similar to Chloe?

Third, Illya’s friends at school want to have revenge on Chloe for stealing their first kiss. And the revenge is… playing dodge-ball? Lol, talking about random development. Even for anime standard, this is rather… pushing it far. As expected Chloe is winning, due to her superhuman ability. She almost won the game, then Illya steps in and becomes Chloe’s opponent in transformed mode. Chloe still win. But when she hits Illya’s head by a ball, she suffer the same pain, and therefore they’re both collapse.

That infirmary teacher is not a normal human, I would guess. She seems to know Chloe’s real identity, and she seems to have her own secret too. Chloe seems to realize that Miyu is hiding something. Miyu’s reaction draws even more of my suspicion.


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