Log Horizon 2 05

Log Horizon 2 05













When Elder tale was a game, there was a system to deal with battles inside a city. Some NPCs called Royal Guard will appear from the sky and punish those who fight. These NPCs (People of the Land) are the only NPCs stronger than players (Adventurers), thanks to their special armor. The armor grants them unmatched power, plus the ability to teleport at will. Now someone stole one set of this super armor. Kunie Clan seems to think that the one who stole it is someone from People of the Land, one from their clan. The PK incident from last week was caused by someone wearing Royal guard’s armor.

This episode is opened by some rumors and fears spreading inside Akihabara when Adventurers hear about the serial killer inside the city. Round Table arrange that lower level Adventurers should be “evacuated” from the city. Well, the official reason is to help dealing with the goblins, which pretty much an easier opponent compared to this serial killer.

Next we have Soujiro is briefing his guild, trying to lure and take down the serial killer. Here we see a different side of Soujiro, who turns into “dark mode” after one of his guild member became a victim of the serial killing.

Princess Lenessia receives the news about the stolen Royal Guard armor from Kunie Clan. Then we get to see that my 2 favorite heroines in this series are somewhat getting closer: Lenessia and Akatsuki. Glad to see that the spoiled and lazy princess is still there, yet somehow she has matured a little bit. Akatsuki really needs to get herself back together. Perhaps this whole arc is designed to bring these two girls closer.

Finally, we get some cool battle scenes between Soujiro and the serial killer. Akatsuki joins the battle and shows some of her best move. Yet both of them are defeated. Naturally. Because Royal Guard armor IS designed to be stronger Adventurers.



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