Sword Art Online II 08

Sword Art Online II 08









Back to BoB tournament. Kirito is trying to find the game name of Death Gun. For that, he needs information from Sinon as experienced player. Death Gun should be someone in the battle royale tournament, but new name that was not in last year’s tournament. Sinon gives him 3 possible names.

In order to convince Sinon to help him, Kirito opens up a little bit to Sinon. And Sinon makes her own conclusion that Kirito might be a survivor player from the famous SAO game.

Now the BoB battle actually begins. We get to see some “normal” combat between strong players. Nothing special here. Until Kirito shows up in Sinon’s spot when she was about to shoot someone. Together, they end up witnessing Death Gun in action, ready to kill the next victim. Kirito yells to Sinon to shoot Death Gun before he kills a player named Pale Rider.



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