Log Horizon 2 11

Log Horizon 2 11












After last episode’s terrible defeat, our raid comrades are now closer than ever. Shiroe is now somewhat more talkative. He’s trying to change, in his own way. And a Silver Sword member notices the change.

Now, the real strategy to defeat 3 bosses. First, positioning. Our raid party is set to break away from Luseat without finishing him first. While fighting the next raid boss, they know Luseat will come to chase them. So they position two teams to deal with each boss without allowing their attack range overlaps. So the position of both teams should be far enough to avoid attack range overlapping, but close enough to allow healers to heal both teams. A simple strategy, yet extremely difficult to execute.

As usual, raid bosses are full of tricks. This time, Shiroe miscalculates the number of Shadow Vanguards. Apparently, the number of Shadow Vanguards does not always equal to the number of players attacking dark Luseat. It’s the number of objects attacking it. So, existing Shadow Vanguards can attack their own master, to produce double amount of Shadow Vanguards. If the process is repeated, soon their number will grow very fast.

Demikas finally shows his good side when he voluntarily absorbs damage from other party members using his ability. Next, he steals this episode by suddenly grabbing Shiroe to escape from the battle. His sudden move allows Shiroe to face the “final boss” who looks like the guy from Kunie clan we’ve seen before. Meanwhile, the rest of the raid party are still fighting.

I’m glad that Shiroe finally calls Demikas’ name and they come in a slightly better term. Indeed a person’s name is his most basic identity and as denying to say it correctly could be seen as denying someone’s very identity. Shiroe and Demikas still hate each other, which is the only thing they both agree on, lol.

Now that Shiroe finally meets the final Kunie boss, I’m very excited to hear Shiroe’s grand plan. I think it’s safe to assume that he will not “defeat” the Kunie guy in a physical battle. His game character is clearly not for solo battle, so words and strategy would be his strongest weapon to win this final phase. This whole raid is something he has planned all along the way, so Shiroe must have some grand plan in his mind.



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