Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 01


A yuusha (hero) and a maou (demon king), typically against each other in many stories. A little twist is provided here, the hero is just a person with teenager mentality and almost no personality. The demon “king” is a female. A flirty (or you could even say sexually frustrated) lady, with big boobs as an extra. And so the story begins.


War. Humans vs demons. Classic. But a war that became too important for both parties to end it? Now that’s something. Despite very shallow characters’ personalities, this first episode sure gives us interesting arguments about wars, its purpose and what happen after the so-called “peace” everyone is dreaming about. The dialogues are well written. And I find myself looking forward for the next episode.



Did I mention “shallow” personality?
But lol, I sure did laugh hard when watching this scene.


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