Total Redesign

website-building-illustrationAs you can see, has a totally different look as per today. I moved the hosting to a new location, upgraded website engine (now all based on WordPress) and customize the theme as far as I can (within my limited time). A total revamp.

My previous website system is rather unique as I coded it myself, so it didn’t use any of the “standard” engine which might have some easy transfer methods to WordPress. So I’m stuck with migrating my contents one by one. That’s right, for each page I ever created, I need to copy-paste it into WordPress editor, and try to make the design layout makes sense in blog engine environment. Another issue is to migrate all the visitor comments from previous system to this new one. So many of them. And I tell you, that’s not always been easy so far.

This migration project is a big one, and I would expect to take up to Feb 2013 to have most of the old contents up and running. Why “most”? Because I might choose to abandon some of the old contents which I think is no longer relevant.

To ease the transition process, I have arranged that people who bookmarked my old URL structure will be automatically redirect to the new one when they revisit. But please do update your bookmark as it will allow easier access to this new structure.

If you are here expecting a new release of Kira-kira Kaoru scanlation, rest assured that I will continue the scanlation. But it’s probably after I finish this major migration project.


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