Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 06


Fairies, new addition to Yuusha’s harem?



I’m sure you have seen this scene a lot in this anime.


But this scene is certainly the first time ! (if you know what I mean)

Finally we get to see some battles, sort of. So Maou is helping humans by providing some strategy. The ice-and-salt trick is cool, if it’s really working in reality. I’m not sure for now, is the salt is supposed to merge the ice? And why those giant tentacles waited until the ice bridge is ready before attacking? The whole “strategy” battle looks kinda “forced”.

What bothers me more is the fact that this battle brings many casualties from the demon side. As their queen, is Maou supposed to do that? I thought she wanted a future where both sides are neither winning or losing, but how is it achieved by sacrificing her own kind? Sounds not so smart to me. And I also wonder, how good is Maou communicated her plan to her own kind BEFORE even approaching to contact Yuusha for the first time?

So many questions I can only hope they will be answered in future episodes.


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