No Game No Life 03












As predicted from last week, Sora challenges Kurami for a game before she gets crowned as queen. Apparently Kurami received help from a friend (an elf) to win her previous games. Since Sora uncovers the elf in front of large audience, she can’t help Kurumi in the next game. At least not directly.

The battle to become the next king/queen is a chess game. But it’s not an ordinary chess game as the chess pieces has some sort of free will. Kurumi cheats by using the elf’s power to increase the morale of her chess pieces.

Shiro starts the chess game without much problem. She’s a genius in chess anyway. However, playing normal chess requires us to sacrifice some pieces for the greater gain. Now that the chess pieces has their own will, they refuse to move if such move will end up putting them in danger. As a result, Shiro can’t make any move the game is heating up. Sora jumps on the game raising the morale of their chess pieces in… let’s say “a unique way”.

After Sora’s speech, the game becomes a battle strategy game rather than chess. Kurumi still have one more cheat up her sleeve: the ability to mind-control. She can convert white pieces (Sora’s pieces) into black pieces just by touching them. Things are looking very bad and black queen is about to kill white king. Sora’s flattery technique converts the black queen into a white piece.

A very interesting episode. That chess game is the craziest chess play I’ve ever seen, yet I still find it enjoyable. that elf girl who is helping Kurami doesn’t seem like a bad person. Maybe she helps Kurami as a real friend?


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