No Game No Life 07

No Game No Life 07










After Jibril joined, this episode is mainly about our heroes trying to study about warbeasts race’s Eastern Kingdom. There is no record about what kind of game they will choose when challenged to a game. Even Jibril lost a game against them in the past. To make things more suspicious, none of the people who lost a game against them can tell the story because they always make “losing all the memories about the game” as part of the opponent’s wager when they lose.

Sora and Shiro then learn that the previous king of Elkea (Stephanie’s grandfather) challenged the warbeasts 8 times. All ended up in imanity’s lost. However, Sora couldn’t understand why he kept challenging them multiple times, knowing that he will end up losing. Apparently, he managed to set up different wager for his lost. Instead of losing his memory about the game, he managed to get them to agree with “he kept his memory, but he can’t tell anyone else for the rest of his life”. Here is the trick: there is no condition preventing him to tell someone else AFTER he died. So he made a secret room, wrote a book about it, gave the key to Stephanie and declared that the next king of Elkea will be decided through game competition. It was a grand setup. Admittedly with a very tiny chance of success (that even a champion of imanity will be able to defeat other races), but he decided to take the gamble.

Interesting. So this time, Sora and Shiro finally will learn the secret of Eastern Kingdom, with the help of Stephanie’s grandfather.

On the side note, it’s fun to see Jibril joining the team. Her ability to appear from a solid wall and her ability to teleport people is amazing. It’s also curious to see a hint that Sora and Shiro might not be blood-related siblings. Plus, it’s nice to see that Fil (the elf who helped Kurami) doesn’t seem to be an evil elf. Hope both of them will join Sora’s group in the future.


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