Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 07

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 07











This week starts with Princess Nike daily activities of trainings and more trainings. Then it continues to King Livius takes Nike to escape together to see a festival. It’s nice to see him doing something nice, and it’s funny to see him dressed as a girl for his “disguise”.

Then we are introduced to yet another new character: Prince Bardwin, he’s Livius’ uncle. He was appointed as Prime Minister when Livius got to the throne, but he abandoned his post and choose the life of a free traveler. Now suddenly he returns. Still not clear what is his true intention, but it seems that it has something to do with Princess Nike.

Bardwin is a typical lady-killer character. Just the sight of him would gather some ladies around. Livius is behaving very unusual about this uncle of his. He even threatens to put Nike in jail if she allow herself to be tricked by Bard’s flirty attitude.

Next, Bardwin is inviting Livius and Nike to a welcome-back party for him. Livius left his table to get some fresh air and told Nike to come. Nike is a bit slow because her shoes hurt her feet. Bardwin carries Nike to a room and starts to “attack” her with seduction. Nike sees right through him that Bardwin is actually not attracted to her at all, but she couldn’t figure out his true motive.

King Livius barges in, gets Bardwin arrested and orders the guards to lock Nike in her room. I can understand that Livius probably has a bad past with Bardwin. But to go as far as mentioning to burn down Nike’s whole country to the ground. A man’s ego is taking control, I guess. This ending is really different from the overall atmosphere about this anime, I do hope they would wrap it up nicely in the next episode.


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