No Game No Life 08

No Game No Life 08













I fail to really understand this episode. First we have our heroes visiting the warbeasts in that tall building. Next we have Sora and Shiro reveal their true secret. Warbeasts can tell if someone lies or not, but they can’t read mind to actually know what the person is thinking. Their usual game to beat other races is video games. As they are the only race who know about video game technology, no other race knew when they cheat. And since their opponents got their memory wiped after the game, no one can figure it out. Until the note from the previous king of Elkea was found by our heroes last week.

All good so far. Then all of a sudden, Sora put the chess piece of imanity as a wager. Why should he do that? He was about to get the game with Stephanie’s panty as a wager, then he suddenly put the highest risk wager of all times?

If imanity lose their chess pieces, the protection of “no violence” will no longer apply for them. Other races are free to hunt them like animals. Yet why? I’m sure Sora and Shiro has a grand plan, and I failed to guess it.

How this episode ends give me even bigger question mark. Sora tells Shiro how much he trust her, and re-states their close relationship. Then Sora disappears. Next morning Shiro wakes up and Stephanie doesn’t even know who Sora is. So Sora’s existence is erased completely and Shiro is the only one who still remember that such person exist? To top things up, Sora seem to know (and calmly prepared) for that?

I’m super eager to watch the next episode !


4 thoughts on “No Game No Life 08

  1. I think there is a trick only Sora and Shiro noted: the 10th rule. If a race loses their piece, all races lose their pieces too.

    It is not possible to play against Tet with only 15 pieces and the 10th rule say about “everyone” having fun, including Tet.

    So, a race losing a piece is it the same that make the rules null.

      1. Remember the 10th rule comes after the 9th rule, that says “all other rules before the 9th obey it” , but not the rule after it. The 10th rule is special, that is the reason Sora and Shiro apparently know something no one more knows, that “everything is only a game”. I suspect it is a clause for stop the game.

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