Spice and Wolf 01-02 major fixes and new format

Spice and Wolf 01-02 major fixes and new format

spice-and-wolf-light-novel-revise-01-02I have a good news for Spice and Wolf readers. After re-reading this great novel, I noticed a lot of annoying issues in my past files. Therefore I decided to do major fixes of the entire Spice and Wolf volumes. What I have completed so far is volume 1 and volume 2. If you still find mistakes and issues, please do let me know.

For Kindle users, I also make this awesome book available in MOBI format. Actually, you can simply do the conversion yourself using Calibre app, but I thought it might be easier for you if I make it available directly for download.

Click here to download volume 1
Click here to download volume 2

Finally, I am working on volume 13 right now and will release it as soon as it’s ready. I already have the raw PDF books up to volume 15.


2 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf 01-02 major fixes and new format

  1. Great work! Been looking everywhere for a decent epub version of Spice and Wolf and only found yours after attempting to OCR a copy myself before realizing how much time it would take to get all the spelling and formatting mistakes written out. (Boy am I glad someone else did all that work for me ;] )

    The only thing I would change is the spacing you have between paragraphs. I can’t get Calibre to take it out even with heuristic processing and it’s driving me crazy haha

  2. What a great start to 2016!! The Spice and Wolf Manga will be (officially) available on iBooks this month, and Balamiere is still working on the Spice and Wolf ePub Novels! YES!! Gonna buy the Manga as soon as it’s released. I LOVE this story but I’m also wasted on reading… I’ve had too much mental conditioning towards interactive entertainment so I can’t get myself to stay consistent with reading the books. Will be reading a volume of the Manga after each concurrent novel as a reward for finishing it. Thanks for all your hard work man!

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