Spice and Wolf Light Novel – Improved EPUB

Spice and Wolf Light Novel – Improved EPUB


Good news, after playing around with a lot of settings, I figured out a way to make sure images in an EPUB file would never be displayed cropped in any device. So I updated all 6 volumes of Spice and Wolf that I had previously released. The new files are smaller in file size, and the updated image formatting (hopefully) works with any device.

Spice and Wolf Light Novel 01
Spice and Wolf Light Novel 02
Spice and Wolf Light Novel 03
Spice and Wolf Light Novel 04
Spice and Wolf Light Novel 05
Spice and Wolf Light Novel 06



18 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf Light Novel – Improved EPUB

  1. Hmm… Seems like all the links to these are down. Will you be reuploading the to a different host? If not, is there somewhere else I can download your epubs?

      1. I don’t see mega “mega.nz” going down any time soon. You could try that one. Also, thanks for the quick reply. It seems you responded the same day as well. I should have checked back here much earlier!

          1. Oh, yeah. I’m aware. When I tried the links last time, the site wasn’t loading at all so I assumed the site itself had disappeared. Seems like they were just having some issues though. If you want to make them harder to be detected by automatic algorithms, you could try compressing them into files and uploading them with a filename like sp_n_wlf01.rar or something similar.

  2. HI I want to say thanks for all epub.
    Do you bring the next volume, please.
    I would be so happy :).
    Sorry my English is not more the best.
    Thanks again.

  3. You’re an absolute blessing to the LN community, as it’s almost impossible to find any of these novels in a high-quality, mobile format nowadays. Keep doing the amazing work you’ve done so far! ^.^

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