Sword Art Online 03






Poor Kirito, meeting his first girlfriend, only to let her die in the same episode. I mean, I get it, this game is cruel. But everything in one episode? I don’t even feel the chemistry between them yet.

Trying to understand Kirito’s decision not to reveal his actual level… I might do the same if I were him. Being trapped in a virtual world with risk of actually die in real life can change people. And last episode clearly showed that. Having decided to bear the bad name of being a “beater”, the best approach is to reveal as little as possible to other people. What I can’t understand though, is his decision to join the guild. I mean, he should know that nothing good will come by him joining. Their levels are way below him. He should have known that he will risk their life instead, from the moment of joining.

Anyway, I don’t really like this episode due to the lack of Asuna.


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