Sword Art Online 07


Asuna and Lisbeth.


The “strongest” weapon.


That was a cool idea to escape from a dragon’s lair !


The happy couple.

The first new girl falling for Kirito after Asuna returns to the plot is: Lisbeth, a master blacksmith, Asuna’s best friend in Aincrad.

So Asuna told Kirito about a friend of hers who is a master blacksmith. And Kirito went to see the blacksmith to get a new weapon stronger than his current one. As you might expect, a little adventure follows.

I like the scene when Kirito and Lisbeth were trapped in that hole. I was originally guessing that Kirito will find a clever way to climb that tall wall. But no. I was totally wrong. He rode the boss to get out of the hole. Now that’s awesome ! I can’t really blame Lisbeth for falling for Kirito.

No, there is no love triangle apparently. As soon as Lisbeth realizes that Kirito is Asuna’s “friend”, she decided to step down peacefully. With some hidden tears on her eyes. Poor Liz, hope you will find a nice person for yourself. Kirito x Asuna pair is just too strong for you to get into.


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