Sword Art Online II 11

Sword Art Online II 11









Still in the cave with Sinon, Kirito realizes that Death Gun actually had the chance to shoot him using his death pistol, but he didn’t. He shot Kirito with “normal” sniper weapon instead. Based on this observation, he deduces that the weapon does not actually kill people, but maybe someone else is doing the crime in real world, somehow synchronizing the time.

Death Gun’s method in getting players’ real life address might be a simple trick of peeking on them typing their real life details on BoB registration screen back in Governor General’s Office. He probably use his invisibility cloak to stay close to his future targets without anyone noticing.

Meanwhile, Asuna and our other heroes force Kikouka Seijiro (the guy who hired Kirito to investigate GGO) to reveal Kirito’s real life location. Asuna is determined to go to Kirito’s place. Now I have a bad feeling about that nurse (Aki).

Back to Kirito and Sinon in the cave, Kirito truly shows his extraordinary skill as womanizer. With that camera filming his “intimate” discussion with Sinon (in a position that will cause anyone to misunderstand), I really hope Asuna is watching the broadcast of THAT particular scene.

Does anyone feel that this season 2 is lacking in action scene and have too much boring dialogs?


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