Sword Art Online II 12

Sword Art Online II 12











Only 4 players remain alive in the BoB: Kirito, Sinon, Death Gun (Steven) and Yamikaze. Kirito and Sinon deduce that Death Gun might have more than one accomplice. Therefore, it is possible that another person is ready to kill Yamikaze’s player in real life. So our heroes decide to take care of Death Gun while protecting Yamikaze from death bullet.

With Kirito as bait, Sinon does an excellent job in sniping Yamikaze. Since Yamikaza is dead using a normal bullet, he’s simply out of the tournament and his real life body won’t be harmed.

The last “enemy” is Steven, the Death Gun himself. He realizes when Sinon is aiming at him, so both snipers shoot at each other. Sinon manages to destroy Steven’s weapon, at the cost of her own scope got destroyed. It is truly an admirable sniper fight.

My bad feeling about the nurse protecting Kazuto’s body turns out to be wrong. Asuna arrives safely to Kazuto’s room and Aki is there, safe and sound, monitoring Kazuto’s condition.

Last, we have Kirito against Steven. With no sniper weapon left (and he can’t use death gun since he doesn’t know Kirito’s position in real life), Steven uses an estoc to attack Kirito, something that resembles his old weapon back in SAO.



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