Sword Art Online II 14

Sword Art Online II 14










So Kazuto did help Asada, but he couldn’t manage to defeat Kyouji. He got himself stabbed with the lethal injection instead. The one who finished Kyouji is Asada herself, she knocks Kyouji out with a stereo. Luckily, Kyouji stabbed Kazuto in the exact spot of his monitoring electrode, which apparently was not properly removed when he ran off his hospital bed after logged out from GGO. So, thanks to his extraordinary luck, Kazuto is safe.

Next we have a closure about Asada and the three bullies. I really love seeing their reaction when Asada grabbed the gun and showed them the correct way to use a gun. That’s simply priceless.

Kazuto picks up Asada from her school? That’s totally unnecessary, unless he deliberately tries to act cool in front of his latest harem. Both of them meet Kikuoka and we get some explanations on how things played up after the incident.

Last, Kirito finally introduces Asada to Asuna and Rika (Lisbeth). To my amazement, Kirito does NOT introduce Asuna as his girlfriend. Instead, his introduction uses Asuna’s character in SAO. Dude, you are SUPPOSED to start your introduction with “she’s my girlfriend”.

Ah well, please forgive my random rant. Of course he wouldn’t say that to the newest member of his harem.

End of arc. Not particularly bad, but I feel that this arc is lacking of serious action and filled with too much conversation on repeated topics. Looking forward for the next one.



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