Log Horizon 2 09

Log Horizon 2 09








The story goes back to Shiroe’s adventure in the mysterious raid zone. I like the fact that this anime presents game raid in a believable way. Silver Sword is a strong raid guild, we all know that since last season, but now we actually see them in action. Even better, this episode shows that even the best raid guild won’t defeat raid boss so easily. And having them got defeated multiple times is the perfect way to show this.

Shiroe is proven to be a good strategist when he realised that the number of Shadow Vanguards appearing from the boss’ armor fragments are equal to the number of players attacking Luseat (the boss monster) in dark mode. That’s a good observation. His counter-act is also believable. Even though reducing the number of attackers could potentially reduce their DPS (damage per second) significantly unless all attackers are exceptionally good players.

Next we get to see a bit of Shiroe’s past as a troubled child. His younger self does seem lonely and that could play a big role in building his current introvert character. I’m still a bit confused with the scene from few episodes ago about Shiroe and Akatsuki’s encounter in the mysterious place between death and revival. Now Shiroe seems to conclude that the mysterious place is an unofficial server located on the moon? It makes even less sense to me. Let’s hope this will get explained somehow, eventually.



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