To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 15









Touma arrives before Accelerator kills today’s Misaka sister. As expected, Accelerator’s ability doesn’t work against Touma’s right hand. And this gives Touma chance to punch some physical attack to Accelerator. Then Accelerator find a new trick in using ability while Touma is lying unconscious. Mikoto steps in, prepared to sacrifice herself to save Touma. But Accelerator simply ignores her. He’s more interested in testing his new ability.

The badly injured Misaka sister helps Mikoto by relaying everything she sees to all other sisters. And as a team, the sisters work together to disturb Accelerator’s calculation in compressing the air.

An excellent episode. Really enjoy the battle scenes. It’s amazing to think that we’ve seen this story before from Index season 1, yet watching it again from Mikoto’s perspective gives much bigger impact, at least for me. I hope they will really conclude this arc next episode.


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