Vividred Operation 02


So, we got hero red and hero blue. I’m quite sure more colors will join later.



Yes, Sir. I have exactly the same question in my head !


Whoa, I can understand when some robots merge together to become one big (and stronger one) to defeat the enemy. But two human beings literally merge into one body?

Hero red and hero blue have their henshin sequence, kick enemy’s ass, defeat the enemy. Then something happens, the enemy revives, now even stronger. And the heroes can no longer fight them individually. They must… combine? Seriously? Two human beings combine into one body, literally? Ah well, the grandpa’s soul is now in stuffed animal body. So anything could happen, I guess.

So this series, while still watchable, has became very cliche for me. Let’s see if I still have the mood to continue blogging the next episode or not.


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