January 2013 Summary

checklistBy end of January 2013, most of contents from old design has been migrated to the new WordPress system. The small anime screenshots from old design can no longer be used in current design because of their smaller dimension. Upscaling them produces horrible results. So I will redo them, one at each time, during my free time.

All contents on Final Fantasy and Magic The Gathering has been fully migrated. Anime Awards page has been migrated and updated with new characters. Seiyuu profile pages are still left untouched, waiting for me to have some extra time to work on them.


Other than the anime episodic review, I also created two anime pages you might want to check out:

Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online (January 18, 2013)

Mouretsu Pirates
Mouretsu Pirates (January 17, 2013)


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