Sword Art Online II 06

Sword Art Online II 06






Kirito’s past comes back to haunt him. Apparently, Kuradeel was not the only person that he killed in SAO. During a battle against player killer guild called Laughing Coffin, Kirito killed 2 of their members. This Death Gun of GGO turns out to be someone from that guild. The encounter with Death Gun brings back painful memory and severe feeling of guilt for Kirito.

Even with psychological shock, Kirito still manages to win his following battles. At the final of qualification, Kirito’s opponent is Sinon. Both finalists are already qualified to join the battle royale, so both of them already got their ticket to the next level of BoB tournament. Knowing that the result of his battle with Sinon will not change the result of his “task”, Kirito simply walks toward Sinon and not even dodging the bullets. Sinon is very angry for not being taken seriously. Kirito apologizes and propose a rematch. Sinon agrees to Kirito’s idea. And Kirito slices Sinon’s bullet from 10m distance. The match ends with Sinon admits defeat.


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