Fate ⁄ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei 06

Fate ⁄ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei 06













Ok, I think we just got too many things happened too fast in this episode.

First we have an epic battle between Miyu and Chloe. Not just the usual Miyu because she transforms into Saber. So we have Archer vs. Saber battle again. This is the best action scene so far in this season and I love every second of it.

Next we have Irisviel (Illya’s mother) appears in the middle of Miyu vs. Chloe, with Illya there. Yet another surprise, Irisviel has enough magical skill to take down Chloe in a single blow.

Even more surprise, Chloe was the baby born into Einzbern family. But 10 years ago Irisviel and Kiritsugu sealed her away, and Illya’s personality takes over. Chloe/Illya was a being born to become Holy Grail. There is a mention about Holy Grail War and how there will never be more of it in the future.

Wait, Holy Grail War? I thought that setting is for ANOTHER Fate series, not this one. I thought they just happen to have similar character designs. Apparently this world setting might be somehow connected with the other Fate series.

So, Chloe was Holy Grail, yet now she suddenly about to go disappear because she runs out of mana? That doesn’t even make any sense. Then Illya saves Chloe, then Chloe is about to disappear again, then she ends up saving herself by wishing not to disappear.

See? Too many things in a very packed episode. All happened too fast.

It ends well with Chloe being introduced as Illya’s cousin and officially she joins the Einzbern household now.

Oh, did I mention awesome battle between Archer and Saber? I guess I did, sorry for saying it over and over again.



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