Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 03









Happy family moment.


A daughter’s tears.

Hampnie tells Ai about his 2 goals: finding her lost girlfriend named Hana, and finding a way for him to die. Having ability of being immortal, Hampnie’s biggest fear is being the last living human on the planet. And to be able to die, he must find a way to fulfill his wish, his old wish being granted by God that made him immortal.

Realized that he’s being targetted, Hampnie, pushes Ai to a river to save her from being involved. Ai wakes up and finds Yuri is saving her. Thanks to a photo that Yuri carries, Ai learns that Hampnie is actually her father. So Ai is determined to see her father who is currently being kidnapped by a bunch of undead random guys.

To the random guys, Hampnie reveals that his wish was actually not about wanting to die. He wished for a happy live, with a wife and kids, then die happily leaving his family behind. He wants his family to shed tears and mourns for his lost. But his wish is not achievable now that people can’t have babies anymore. Thus he become immortal since his wish is impossible to get.

Ai, Yuri and Scar arrive to save Hampnie. Ai describes her mother’s character and Hampnie quickly realize that Ai’s mom, Gravekeeper Alpha, is actually Hana, his lost girlfriend. Ai is his daughter.

The undead villains are easily defeated by Ai, Yuri and Scar. The badly-injured Hampnie tells Ai his real name: Kizuna Astin. So Ai now inherits his family name and becomes Ai Astin. Hampnie thinks he’s going to be ok since he’s immortal. No matter how bad he’s injured, he will be reborn again, alive. This time is different, now Hampnie knows that Ai is his daughter, so he has a family, just like his wish. So this time, Hampnie really passes away and re-awaken as undead, not reborn as living person.

By Ai’s request, Hampnie gives Ai one day to spend together so she can have memories of her father. After that, he wishes to receives proper burial, performed by Ai. And Ai fulfills his request, with tears.

I am deeply shocked by this development. I always thought Hampnie will be the main hero throughout this anime. But he’s killed and given a peaceful rest in episode 3 of the series ! And what’s with that crazy couple Hampnie and Hana? They fall in love but never told each other even their real name? Now I understand why Gravekeeper Alpha can tell her daughter for sure that one day his father is going to look for her, because she knew Hampnie will surely come one day to “take care” of undead people in the village.

Really impressed by this anime so far !


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