Kira-kira Kaoru vol 1 chapter 3D


Hint : in this release, Sagiri will finally able to see Hisagi, but the story is still far from an end.

Recruitment :
Cleaner needed for this project. Having a cleaner would definitely help me to produce faster releases. Basically what a cleaner do is removing the Japanese text from the original raw images so that I can type in the English translation.

Cleaner requirements :
1. You must love this manga (or it’ll be very boring to do this)
2. You must know some basics how to use Photoshop
3. Able to speak English (knowing a little Japanese is a plus)
4. There will be no payment (this is a fan release anyway), the only reward you’ll receive is having your favorite manga released faster (still depend on my real life schedule as well).
5. You must commit your time to work with me for at least one volume.
6. I will do a little test, I need to make sure you can help me making faster releases, not slowing it down.

How to apply? Read the Random Thoughts 3 page in this manga release.
If you use any other way than what’s specified there, it will simply be ignored.

And here’s the release : Kira-kira Kaoru volume 1 chapter 3d


2 thoughts on “Kira-kira Kaoru vol 1 chapter 3D

  1. Thank you for scanlating this manga. πŸ˜€ It’s actually really charming. Admittedly, I’m all “Twelve volumes? What in the world are they going to do for the rest of it?” but I’m looking forward to reading it. ^^

  2. thankkkkkkk you … i hope you can translate it faster but what ever you do you are thanked by me !!! u are amazing , but seriously … try translating it faster !!!

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