Kira-kira Kaoru vol 1 chapter 3C


So this release is called “chapter 3c” instead of “part 5”. Why?
An admin from MangaTraders had a little discussion with me. He/she suggested that I use chapters instead of parts for my releases to make it “in line” with the actual manga. This will make it easier in case one day another person or group decided to pick up the manga for their project as well. I gave it a thought, and I agree. It makes sense. Thus I changed again my releases back into chapters method. Longer chapters will be divided into a, b, c, and so on to make a release faster.

Vol 1 Part 1 -> Vol 1 Chapter 1
Vol 1 Part 2 -> Vol 1 Chapter 2 (with few changes, re-download recommended)
Vol 1 Part 3 -> Vol 1 Chapter 3a (with few changes, re-download recommended)
Vol 1 Part 4 -> Vol 1 Chapter 3b
And now you have this chapter 3c.

Another good news, the Official Project Page that previously had long URL is now shortened :

Finally, the link for download : Kira-kira Kaoru volume 1 chapter 3c


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