Log Horizon 2 03

Log Horizon 2 03








This episode is almost entirely dedicated for Shiroe’s grand raid. Started from the raid groups and the different player functions in a raid. Then we got solid few minutes about the process of defeating raid boss, which involves repeated failures to learn the attack pattern of each boss. Demikas is still a pain. And he’s pissed that Shiroe thinks nothing of him. Not even worthy as opponent.

Next comes the supply problem. Difficult raids can take days or weeks. Doing raid for such long time require a significant amount of items, from repair supplies to food. Amazingly, Log Horizon guild with only 8 members can collect supplies for 20 days. Did I miss something here? Akatsuki has never been to a raid, so I assume the guild didn’t have a lot of raid sessions together leaving Akatsuki behind. So how Shiroe manages to have that amount of supplies?

We got a bit of explanation about the skill system in Elder Tale. There is a new rank of skill that can only be obtained through raid. What’s with this build-up with everything needs raid, Akatsuki wants to get stronger, but she never joined a raid.

To me, this week feels like a visual guide to play MMORPG, especially raids. The first season of Log Horizon was really impressive and got me excited every week. So far I couldn’t feel the same for season 2. It’s rather boring. Hopefully it will get better soon.


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