Sword Art Online II 13

Sword Art Online II 13











Steven / Death Gun continues to attack Kirito. To catch the player in real life, Kirito needs to remember his character name in SAO. It seemed impossible at the beginning, because after the raid to capture Laughing Coffin Guild, Kirito refused to know his name. Thankfully, Kirito manages to figure out his name during his fight when he realizes Daeth Gun’s eyes are red. One of Laughing Coffin’s leaders named XaXa had avatar with red eyes in SAO. So this Death Gun is XaXa.

Comes to help Kirito, Sinon creates the illusion of bullet path. She can’t really do proper aim because she got he scope destroyed. However, she’s an experienced sniper and having no scope apparently didn’t stop her. Believing that the shot might be real, Steven tries to use invisibility cloak to escape. He thought Kirito would use his lightsaber and calculated that he would be faster. However, instead of using lightsaber, Kirito uses his sidearm and fires him. Finally, Kirito use his finishing move to cut Steven in half.

With no more bad guys, the only 2 players left in BoB are Kirito and Sinon. Kirito offers one one duel to settle the winner of BoB. Sinon refuses, stating that Kirito is already injured after the battle against Steven. Sinon tells Kirito her real name and address, then uses a grenade to commit double suicide. Both of them becomes the winners of BoB.

Back in real life, Shino Asada wakes up and quickly checks her home. Kyouji knocks her door and congratulates her winning. Next, he tries to force himself on her, then revealing that he’s one of Death Gun’s accomplice. My hunch was right !

Of course, our superpowered hero appear at critical moment to save his new harem. Err, I mean Kazuto comes to save Asada. Heck, when Kazuto wakes up, Asuna should be right next to him. But he run off from his cute girlfriend to save another girl? Ah well, he’s saving someone’s life, so I guess it’s okay.



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