Sword Art Online II 07

Sword Art Online II 07








Suguha is back ! It’s nice to see some shots from real world once in a while. She suspects that something is wrong with Kazuto’s “part time” job in GGO. However, Kazuto tries to convince her that nothing bad is going to happen, and he is going to return to ALO server safely.

Shino (Sinon’s player) is pissed off. When she vents her anger towards Kirito to Kyouji (her real life friend who also a GGO player), what she gets is Kyouji’s attempt to hug her. Shino rejects him while still feeling uneasy and asks him to wait. Poor Kyouji, he needs to do a lot more than that to compete against an imbalanced main hero. Somehow I have a bad hunch about Kyouji as a person. I did write that I suspected him few episodes ago, and my suspicion is still up high even after we see Death Gun as a different character. Perhaps Death Gun is more than just one person?

Kirito is still struggling with his guilt for killing two members of Laughing Coffin guild. Unexpectedly, this time the help comes from Aki, the nurse in charge of monitoring Kirito’s condition while doing his “job” in GGO.

Before end of episode, we get to see a little bit out beloved characters from season 1. Asuna, Leafa, Klein, Lisbeth and Silica are doing a party hunt in ALO. I really want to have them play more active role here, not just a side-track filler.


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