Sword Art Online II 20

Sword Art Online II 20
















Yuuki introduces Asuna to her guild named Sleeping Knights and reveals her true intention. Sleeping Knights guild plans to defeat a floor boss without the help of many other players. The name of the first winners against a floor boss will appear in the server’s “wall of fame”. If there are multiple groups in a boss battle, only the name of group leaders and the group names will be there. Sleeping Knights guild wants all their personal names to appear there. To make it possible, they would have to defeat the boss by one single group, maximum of 7 players. There are currently 6 members of Sleeping Knights, so they need one more player that Yuuki can consider as “strong”. For that reason she was challenging every other player. In a way, that could be seen as a “recruitment”.

Asuna agrees to help Yuuki and her friends. So they start their preparation and go to the boss’ room. Of course they fail in their first try. That’s kinda normal for a game. The problem is someone is taking advantages of their first battle by having a spy inside the boss room. When Sleeping Knights got wiped out, these cheaters plan to take on the boss using a large group of people and the knowledge about boss’ attack they just learned using their spy.

Yuuki is prepared to battle the players gathering for their boss battle so Sleeping Knights can have their second attempt first. After all, only the first winners will get their names listed, so there is no point of being the second group to win. More people are coming to join the cheaters. And Kirito appears to save the day. He blocks incoming players from going near, while Sleeping Knights members plus Asuna are dealing with the ones already waiting in front of boss room.



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